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Hiring companies


  • London, United Kingdom

Whitecollars is an HR services company based in London, United Kingdom. Their team of fewer than 50 employees provides services such as recruiting, consulting, and outsourcing. The company was founded in 2017.


  • Kiev, Ukraine

Web Peppers is an international web development firm that is based out of Kiev, Ukraine with offices in Göd, Hungary, Schiedam, Netherlands and Odense, Denmark. Founded in 2013, Web Peppers' team of 17 employees has specialized in services ...

Way Solutions

  • Nashville, TN

Way Solutions is a consulting company of 16 employees. Founded in 2004, they are based in Nashville, Tenn. They specialize in business consulting, and HR consulting and outsourcing.


  • Dnipro, Ukraine

UTOR is a QA company that helps grow agile development teams and implement their business ideas with high-quality work. Founded in 2016 in Dnipro, Ukraine, UTOR hosts a team of 60 engineers from across Eastern Europe. UTOR can jum...


  • Kyiv, Ukraine

UPPeople is a recruitment agency headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2014, they continue to offer HR services to primarily small business clients in the IT industry. They have about 32 employees.

The CIB Group

  • Little Silver, NJ

The CIB Group is a commercial insurance recruiter based in Little Silver, N.J. and founded in 2000. Their team of 17 employees specializes in recruiting and training sales producers for careers in the commercial insurance industry.

TFECTA - Digital Innovations

  • Gazipur, Bangladesh

TFECTA - Digital Innovations is a digital agency founded in 2020 based in Gazipur, Bangladesh. With a team of fewer than 10 experts, they provide a wide array of services, including web design, adv...

Talent Kettle

  • Ahmedabad

I am an independent Recruiter. Ten years of recruiting at top companies as freelancer. Variety of industry and size of companies. Specialties: Exempt and non-exempt general corporate recruiting at all levels, Nurse Practitioner and Attorney specific recruiting, agency recruiting experience, use o...


  • Wrocław, Poland

Talenger is a recruitment agency in Wrocław, Poland. Founded in 2017, they comprise six employees who provide companies within the tech industry with talented developers and other employees. Their service lines are HR management and IT staff aug...


  • Tampa, FL

Stonehill was founded in 2017 and is located in Tampa, Fla. With about ten employees, they provide business consulting, BI and big data consulting and SI, and public relations for enterprise, midmarket, and small businesses.